Parts of The Doooeuvre That You May Buy

Barring technical difficulties, I shall soon launch a site where you'll be able to purchase PDFs of my non-fiction including many essays germane to screenwriting.  The stuff that's been previously published has been revised and expanded -- in some cases quite a lot.


Look for Dooovall dot com, which hopefully will be go live on the afternoon of August 21.


The PDFs available there will include two essays of interest to fans of John Carpenter's 1978 classic HALLOWEEN. 


You'll also be able to buy the complete 13,000-word epic CULTURE SHOCK: Life in Los Angeles (journal entries written by Daniel S. Duvall from the spring of 1999 until the summer of 2000).  CULTURE SHOCK: Life in Los Angeles documents topics of interest to screenwriters & filmmakers.  The October 1999 entry features a prolonged gratuitous account of a Fairport Convention concert at The Roxy on Sunset.



Now is the Time of The Doooeuvre!

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