Parts of The Doooeuvre That You May Buy

DOOOVALL DOT COM launched at 2:30 PM (Eastern time) on 21 AUG 2017! 


Visit Dooovall dot com to buy PDFs of my non-fiction.  The inventory includes:


- Culture Shock: Life in Los Angeles (over 13,500 words)

- The Character Arc of Laurie Strode from Halloween to H20 (over 11,000 words)

- Timeless Tricks in the Original 1978 Halloween (around 1,800 words) 

- Lucidity in Five Richard Linklater Films (approximately 1,100 words)

- Dream Journal of Daniel S. Duvall [2000-2004] (nearly 25,000 words)

- Susannah Grant & Erin Brockovich: Worthy of Acclaim (over 800 words)

- Protagonists in Four Films that Susannah Grant Wrote (like 1,100 words)

- Vanquishing the Screenplays of The Mummy & The Mummy Returns (over 1,750 words)

- Reasons to Avoid the First Nine Children of the Corn Movies (around 2,700 words)

- The Fine-Tuned Screenplay of the 1998 Film Dark City - an Essay (over 2,800 words)

- Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszewski Yammer About Screenwriting (over 5,800 words)



Now is the Time of The Doooeuvre!


Look for additional film-centric PDFs later this year!

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