5 MAY 2018: Please enjoy these albums of photos that document the lives of Alley Cat Duvall (31 October 1999 - 6 April 2017), Thalia Duvall (5 July 2001 - 18 June 2017), and Dusty "Boots" Miller (25 April 2016 - ?).


Alley Cat is the Tiger, while Thalia is the Turkish Van.  I've seen their ghosts, and I feel their love in my soul.  Always.


Dusty, the first long-haired cat I've ever known well, seems to be a Nebelung.


Snapshots of Alley Cat & Thalia


More photos of A.C. Duvall & Thalia "Alpha Mammal" Duvall


Further pics of my departed feline soulmates


Snaps of a gray (grey) Nebelung gal


2017: Alley Cat, Thalia, and Dusty




17 AUGUST 2017: The inventory at Dooovall dot com (launching on Monday the 21st during the eclipse barring complications) shall include a PDF of excerpts from my dream journal spanning late January of 2000 through the end of December in 2004.  Nearly 25,000 words long, the document mostly consists of entries from 2004.  Many names have been [REDACTED] to protect the privacy of those who rattle around in my dreams.  Enjoy a prolonged peek into my subconscious!  Look for this PDF and many more at Dooovall dot com soon.



16 JULY 2017: I'll soon be launching a web shop where you'll be able to purchase PDFs of non-fiction written by yours truly (Daniel S. Duvall).  The initial items available will include the complete 13,600-word epic Culture Shock: Life in Los Angeles (journal entries that I wrote from the spring of 1999 until the summer of 2000 augmented by a new preface and afterword).


Keep an eye on Dooovall dot com, where my online store will appear:



28 JUNE 2017: Yesterday, I spent three hours in a story conference with Milo Miller regarding a collaborative horror project titled Mass Consumption.  Milo Miller and I read through the first half of the Mass Consumption screenplay; he and I have written multiple drafts of this script off and on from 2012 to the present.  I'll soon implement the revisions that he and I yammered about while we swilled instant coffee at his kitchen table.


Click to see a photo of me with Milo Miller:



19 AUGUST 2016: I'm counting down the hours until Monday the 22nd, when Nosetouch Press shall unleash an anthology titled Blood, Sweat, and Fears: Horror Inspired by the 1970s.  This tome includes my short story Vivid Vinyl Visions.  I encourage you to read it by the light of a groovy Lava Lamp.



4 MARCH 2016: I shipped off a fresh 9,000 word short story to a potential publisher recently and am now easing out of prose writing so that I may focus my attention on a brand new speculative feature film screenplay.  The genre, title, and logline are all under wraps for now.

My tale A Huff Motel Halloween appears in a book called Robbed of Sleep Volume 4.

16 JANUARY 2016: I've finished presentable drafts of two new short stories and have shipped them off to potential publishers.  One is in the hands of the editor of a forthcoming horror anthology, and the other shall be perused by some of the editors at a lit journal that's partial to genre fiction.

I'm passing the winter by crafting tales as they occur to me.  I'm enjoying the short story form a great deal, especially since Alley Cat has ceded the chair at the computer desk back to me.  He and his sister (Thalia) remain active, alert, and curious.  I can relate.

31 DECEMBER 2015: My screenplay The Marsh Wolf placed in the top 50 in The Launch Pad Feature Competition.

I enjoyed a productive year in 2015: my short story The Vampire Costume got published in a horror fiction anthology titled Corpus Deluxe (paperback and Kindle editions are now available at Amazon).  I also lined up another tale for publication: A Huff Motel Halloween shall appear in Robbed of Sleep Volume 4.  I've been on a prose fiction kick lately and have a few other yarns out to potential publishers. 

17 DECEMBER 2015: I received good news about a short story that I penned: my 4,600-word tale shall be published in Robbed of Sleep Volume 4.  I'll post more details closer to the release date, but there will be paperback and electronic editions of the book available.  I encourage you to select the physical tome because empirical research suggests that reading comprehension drops when one parses text on devices.     

4 NOVEMBER 2015: A short story that I wrote in 2009 (The Vampire Costume) has been published in an anthology of undead-themed fiction titled Corpus Deluxe.  Go to Amazon and search the book title.  At present, it's available in Kindle form with a paperback edition due in the future.

19 OCTOBER 2015: In late September, I began crafting prose fiction in the form of short stories.  I've completed five tales (a total of nearly 20,000 words) in the past three weeks and intend to continue cranking out such yarns until my inner muse feels like focusing on something else.  I go where my subconscious leads me.

30 JUNE 2015: The itch to craft a new fictional tale in screenplay form grew too strong, so I've set aside my non-fiction projects again.  I paced and muttered while jotting character names, key plot points, and assorted notions in a spiral notebook for a couple of nights and then began crafting the opening scenes of a new speculative feature film script.  As of tonight, I've got the first 16 pages (out of a projected total of 100 or so) written and hope to complete a presentable draft in time for this year's Zoetrope screenwriting contest.  Onward! 

10 MAY 2015: Over the course of six weeks, I jotted notes about a speculative feature film screenplay titled The Offended Ancestor.  I began writing actual pages for this project on the 8th of February and had a 93-page first draft polished up by mid-April.  While I let that project sit (so that I may return to it with fresh eyes), I'm enjoying a prolonged stretch of weeks wrestling with my old non-fiction oeuvre; I've been expanding and revising the magazine articles that I penned around the turn of the millennium.  I have been sitting on this mountain of intellectual property for too long and intend to repackage the material as a trilogy of books.  The tomes shall include a few previously unpublished pieces in addition to the dozens of essays and interviews that I crafted for Creative Screenwriting magazine (plus the few bits of my work that Written By published).  I also have a new spiral notebook in which I've hatched the raw concept for my next spec script.  I'll let my inner muse ponder that story idea down in my subconscious mind while I focus on the non-fiction topside.  

18 FEBRUARY 2015: My screenplay The Marsh Wolf placed in the quarterfinals of the 12th Annual American Zoetrope screenwriting contest (as announced on Zoetrope dot com on the 14th of February 2015).

23 DECEMBER 2014: I've penned the first draft of a fresh screenplay (a coming-of-age drama titled Gateway Drugs).  I wrote this project from late July until the 19th of December.  I'm now awaiting cogent feedback from a few friends before I commence a rewrite.  Meanwhile, I've been jotting notes about a spooky family-friendly script called The Offended Ancestor that I plan to write in 2015.


18 JANUARY 2014: I've launched a new blog where (in the first post) I ramble about my latest screenwriting ventures.  Access the blog by clicking HERE.

On the non-fiction side of my oeuvre, progress continues apace as I organize my old magazine pieces into three books.  I'm now thinking that the third tome (which is the farthest from completion) should be the first one released.  Thus, I shall shift my attention to that project now and then (when I'm not immersed in crafting fiction).


14 SEPTEMBER 2013: I keep expanding the novella (mentioned in the post below from May), and it might end up mutating into a novel.  In other news, I took a couple of weeks to read through my entire non-fiction oeuvre.  I marked up many spots on the pages as I noted areas in need of edits, alterations, or expansions.  I'm also planning a fresh draft of a screenplay project in collaboration with Milo Miller.  Milo co-wrote the engaging dramatic comedy film Hero Tomorrow with director Ted Sikora.  The script I'm writing with Milo is arguably a horror tale.  This upcoming draft will be something like our sixth version that differs substantially from previous incarnations.


5 MAY 2013: I've recently penned 8,000 words of a novella based on one of my spec screenplays (Blathering Plants).  I'm nearing the point in this project where I'll begin to deviate quite a bit from the plot's spine as it exists in script form.  I hope to wrap up the tale at around the 20,000 word mark.  Onward.


1 JANUARY 2013: I've just spent six hours pacing and muttering and brainstorming while jotting down notes (two handwritten spiral notebook pages front and back) for the outline of a new spec screenplay.  My inner muse (fueled by music) dropped off the core concept in a fragile embryonic form in my conscious mind seventy-two hours ago.  Writing by hand during the outlining phase trumps outlining in a word processor every time.


APRIL 2012: I continue to churn out spec screenplays, and I am also revising and expanding my vast oeuvre of magazine articles with a view to organizing the material into 2 or 3 books.

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