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The Vampire Costume (short story) - published in Corpus Deluxe: Undead Tales of Terror Vol. I


A Huff Motel Halloween (short story) - published in Robbed of Sleep Vol. 4


Vivid Vinyl Visions (short story) - published 22 AUG 2016 in Blood, Sweat, and Fears: Horror Inspired by the 1970s


Charon's Silver Coins - published 2016 in Robbed of Sleep Vol. 5


The P'tulpa Cult (short story) - published in August of 2017 in EOM: Equal Opportunity Madness







      Creative Screenwriting magazine


         Halloween H20: The Twenty-Year Character Arc (Sept/Oct 1998)


         Total Recall: A Long, Strange Trip (Nov/Dec 1998)


         Apt Pupil script review (Nov/Dec 1998)


         8 mm script review (Jan/Feb 1999)


         Payback script review (Mar/Apr 1999)


         The Mummy script review (May/June 1999)


         Tin Star To High Noon (May/June 1999)


         Dueling In The Princess Bride: Unconventional Banter (May/June 1999)


         Bowfinger script review (July/Aug 1999)


Inner Demons: Flawed Protagonists and Haunted Houses In The Haunting And The Shining (July/Aug 1999)


Interview with David Koepp (Sept/Oct 1999)


Articulate Characters And Extreme Situations In Genre-Hybrids: The

Faculty And Teaching Mrs. Tingle (Sept/Oct 1999)


Man On The Moon script review (Jan/Feb 2000)


Interview with Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski (Jan/Feb 2000)


Interview with Sacha Gervasi and Craig Ferguson (Jan/Feb 2000)


King And Darabont’s Green Mile (Jan/Feb 2000)


Introduction to Erik Bauer's interview with Tim Robbins (Jan/Feb 2000)


Erin Brockovich script review (Mar/Apr 2000)


28 Days script review (Mar/Apr 2000)


Interview with Susannah Grant (Mar/Apr 2000)


Gone In Sixty Seconds script review (May/June 2000)


Interview with Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski (May/June 2000)


Review of the published Alexander & Karaszewski screenplays (May/June 2000)


Interview with Scott Rosenberg (May/June 2000)


Titan A.E. script review (July/Aug 2000)


Production Company Profiles (July/Aug 2000)


Pay It Forward script review (Sept/Oct 2000)


Dark City script review (Sept/Oct 2000)


Production Company Profiles (Sept/Oct 2000)


Lost Souls script review (Nov/Dec 2000)


Interview with William Broyles Jr. (Nov/Dec 2000)


Production Company Profiles (Nov/Dec 2000)


The Gift script review (Jan/Feb 2001)


The Virgin Suicides script review (Jan/Feb 2001)


Shadow Of The Vampire script review (Jan/Feb 2001)


Production Company Profiles (Jan/Feb 2001)


Interview with Sofia Coppola (Jan/Feb 2001)


Essay about Erin Brockovich & Susannah Grant (Jan/Feb 2001)



      Written By magazine


         Interview with Dan Myrick & Eduardo Sanchez (Sept 1999)


         Interview with Amy Heckerling (2000) – purchased but not published


Dune Buggy: An Interview with John Harrison (Dec 2000/Jan 2001)


What A Woman Knows – Which Came First: Erin Brockovich Or Susannah Grant? (March 2001)


The Real Real Thing: An Interview with Christopher Titus, Jack Kenny, and Brian Hargrove (April 2001)


Titus: The Real Reality TV (April 2001)


 For www.wga.org


Interview with John Sweet (2001)



For www.creativescreenwriting.com


Interview with Dan Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez (1999)


Various entries in a series of columns titled Culture Shock: Life In Los Angeles (circa 1999 – 2000)





Foreword to the 3rd edition of K Callan’s book “The Script is Finished, Now What Do I Do?” (2002)




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